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Experience E-Learning
Electronic Learning (e-Learning) has increased in acceptance due to greater penetration of PCs/laptops and internet bandwidth. The RASA Partners provide the necessary technology tools to support the distant education where the medium of instruction is enhanced digital technologies
RASA e-Learning suites can used in a wide variety of contexts and applications. In companies, it refers to the strategies that use the company network to deliver training courses to employees. In Universities, e-learning is used to define a specific mode to attend a course or program of study where the students rarely, if ever, attend face-to-face for on-campus access to educational facilities, because they study online.
Key Features:
  • E Learning suites provide Computer Based (CBT) & Web Based Training (WBT).
  • Provides 3-Dimensional display tools on the computer screen.
  • Ability to take online lectures or downloadable recorded sessions in various media – text files, presentations, audio files, movie file and demonstrations.
  • Providing access to a range of resources and materials which may not otherwise be available or accessible, for example graphics, sound, animation, multimedia.
  • Supporting increased communications between staff and students, and among students.
  • Providing frequent and timely individual feedback, for example through computer assisted assessment, and positive reinforcement.
  • Motivating students through appropriate use of interactive courseware.
  • Supporting economic reuse of high quality, expensive resources.
  • Encouraging students to take responsibility for their own learning.
Key Benefits:
  • Give a virtual class environment in distance education.
  • Makes available experts and teachers who cannot be made available.
  • Giving control to students over when and where they study.
  • Supporting and encouraging collaborative learning.
  • Creating an environment that promotes an active approach to learning.
  • Allowing students to study at their own pace.
  • Savings on cost and time.
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