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About Us Word from Chairman

Since the inception of Rasses Holding in 1986, we have continually looked at our clients' challenges and developed our services to tackle those challenges. We have re-invented ourselves several times - as you might expect from an industry as dynamic as ours. However, a few things have not changed. From the start as the foundation of Rasses Holding was placed on Four Pillars and those are Think, Innovate, Build and Expand. These four pillars created directions, focus and culture in our group which we have fostered in every entity of under our umbrella and so is to RASA (Rasses Advance Solution Architect).

That culture, in turn, determined the inner Values of RASA as openness, simplicity, creativity, respect and independence. Adhering to these values has helped to guide towards the building and expanding the RASA’s service offering.

We now have a truly integrated delivery model that enables us to combine onshore, near-shore and offshore capacity in the most cost-effective and appropriate mix for your business. We have teams of highly-qualified professionals based in Europe, America, Pakistan, and various other countries with whom, we are sharing hands and technology on various occasions and in various projects current and past.

RASA had been built with-in the Culture of of our country (Saudi Arabia) and set its mission to strengthen the roots of its country by always remaining close to the local community, building long-term relationships, importing/introducing the latest technology and sharing technological growth to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This balance between client proximity and global delivery is core to our strategy.

Just as your business is constantly changing to reflect shifting markets and outpace the competition, so is ours. We'll continue to be at your door-steps, bringing our passion and enthusiasm to bear on your business challenges.

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