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Connect Unified Communication
Unified communications (UC) is a trend in business to simplify and integrate all forms of communications. It allows an individual to send or receive a message on one medium and received on another. The RASA partners have UC solutions that leverage communication media and tools to include phone, e-mail, chat, voice mail, presence services, and fax. The successful implementation of RASA UC Solution automates and unifies all forms of human and device communications into a common user experience. Gains in efficiency can result through an optimization of business processes and enhancing human communications, reducing latency, managing flows, and eliminating device and media dependencies.
Key Features:
  • IP based system which saves on costs in converged network.
  • Improved collaboration through easy access to contacts and messages across any workspace.
  • New widgets that offer services like call control, web meetings, and directories from embedded Web applications.
  • Spoken access to directories and web applications for self-service.
  • Open, yet secure foundation for the deployment of remote phones, mobile communications, and presence architectures.
  • Extension of rich call control and flexibility to mobile communications devices.
  • Increased scalability for messaging, presence and conferencing.
Key Benefits:
  • Adapt to market changes while increasing productivity.
  • Improve competitive advantage through speed and innovation.
  • Deliver a secure, high-quality multimedia experience in any workspace.
  • Accelerate deployment and provide cost savings.
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