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Connect Smart Home
Smart Homes provides Smart environments, keep you safe, manage your energy consumption and comfort, and provide home entertainment by adjusting your lighting, security, climate, cameras, and audio through one easy interface. This interface can be on your TV, a touch screen on your wall, any computer at home or even from the office.
Smart home not only gives you total control, but also automatically make decisions to help keep your home comfortable while conserving energy at the same time. Allow you to monitor all aspects of your home and quickly adjust lighting, climate control, curtains, and entertainment with the touch of a button.
Key Features:
  • Scene Lighting.
  • Voice Command Your Entire Home.
  • Remote Access to Home via PC or Phone.
  • Remote Lighting/Appliance Control.
  • One Stop Touch Screen Central Controller.
  • Intelligent Timed Programmed Operation.
  • Smart Appliance/Plant Equipment Control.
  • Smart Security/Intrusion Deterrent System.
  • Smart Remote Video Surveillance.
  • Smart Home Theatre Control.
  • Intelligent Occupancy Sensing.
  • Whole House Audio/Video Signal Distribution.
  • Smart IR Signal Distribution.
  • Smart HVAC.
  • Smart Motorized Drapes.
  • Smart Garden Sprinkle.
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