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Relax Simple Lifestyle
A place where the human come to relax after their long day is generally known as HOME. Home matches the environment of the person that suites to its mood of time like, morning, noon, afternoon evening and night. This special atmosphere or mood created by a particular environment is known as ambiance.
An ambience can be initiated, for example, when watching a movie, depending on the time of day, blinds or shutters can be adjusted to give the required amount of shade, or alternatively, lighting dimmed to create a soothing environment, while the entertainment system comes alive at a specific volume.
RASA introduces such intelligent environment management systems (Ambiance Systems), which are tailored to match intelligently, the various moods at various time spans and various events.
The wireless touch screen panel of the solution enables monitoring and control from any convenient location. Communicate with and grant access to authorized visitors from anywhere in the home. The Key Features include;
Key Features:
  • Mood based ambience.
  • One touch control of various ancillaries, accessories, and appliances like room conditioning, lighting, temperature control, color, noise levels, etc.
  • Energy Saving.
  • Increased satisfaction of guests.
  • Remote Access via PC or Phone.
  • One Stop Touch Screen Central Controller.
  • Intelligently scheduled and Programmed Operation.
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