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RASA’s operation center is enriched with the following facilities:
  • Messaging Platforms
  • IVR/Audio Text Platform
  • IVVR Platform (Interactive Voice & Video response) [Under Process]
  • Research and & development environment
The in-house research and development environment, availability of stated data centers provides RASA to develop their services and host on the platform. To host the services, on the above platforms, RASA operation Center (Links Line Est.) has acquired necessary permissions from Ministry of Communication and accomplished the connectivity with the operators in the country. The platforms and Hosted services are managed and monitored 24/7/365 with multiple rotations.

We also, host the services of the clients on revenue sharing basis. Based on the client’s requirements, the necessary permissions are obtained from the communication authorities and then the network is established with the operators by presenting the Business Plan of each service to the operators. Necessary network requirements may include the short code requirements from the operators in the country for complete coverage of Mobile User base. The complete process involves various steps which include:
  • Business Plan development: The business plan of each service is developed to analyze the cost and revenue stream over the service period. Business plan also, describes the concept of the services, its target market and the life of the service to be executed. This plan is prepared in two shapes, detailed and summery. Once the plan is optimized with cost, revenue and other financial analysis including RIO, breakeven etc., then it is moved to the next stage.
  • Approvals: The plan is subject to be approved by the network operators along with the premium pricing rates for the consumers to be charged with. The operators approve it and create an account for billing purposes and also allocate the service numbers or short-codes if necessary.
  • Service Development: The R&D starts developing the service right after the approvals from the management as well as operators. To develop the service a careful analysis is conducted and then logic of the service is developed and presented to the responsible project manager for the service. Upon concept finalization, the code is generated and testing is done in the development environment.
  • Deployment and Execution: The developed services are deployed in the UAT environment before uploading them to the production. The test results are obtained and carefully analyzed with the customer involvement. Upon satisfaction and final approval, the service is then deployed over the related platform.
  • Types of Services: There are various types of the services which are developed and hosted on the platforms. It is difficult to list down all the services but can be describes in broader categories, which are Business based services including advertising campaigns, voting, competitions, alerts, Government information delivery and public warnings, entertainment services, mobile downloads, etc. Below is a list where SMS messaging has been utilizing for a variety of purposes:

Financial / Share Alerts NASDAQ down with 30 points - see more & subscribe @
Auction Alerts TV`s going at an amazing 25% discount sale price - check in @ Sony Showrooms auction 4 more bargains
Promotional Alerts 1/2 price membership @ ur local video store - show this txt @ counter 4 a discount & sign up today - 4ward this text to all ur friends 2 win a prize
Security Alerts Ur credit card has been used 4 an unauthorized transaction - please call ur bank on 01 4088000 urgently
Recruitment Info Hot Java development in the Saudi Arabian Airlines - 6 month contract - SR 10000/- - start straight away - quote ref: 9593921 - call E-Media to apply - don`t wait!
Corporate Alerts E-Mail from Worldpay in ur inbox - check urgently - also Mr. Ayed from Ayed Inc Inc. called ur office, can u call him back asap!
Parent Alerts Ur son ahmad was not present in class this morning - please verify his absence - The Kingdom School- call Mrs Nasser on 0123 123456
Infotainment FEYROUZ new album available now @ E-Media- online & in ur local store - priced at SR 55/- - show this text message to get a 5% discount!
Schedule Info Mohammad, cannot make 12pm @ the Intercontinental Hotel - delayed in Olaya - can u push for an hour extension - Abdullah
Recovery Alerts Ur breakdown & rescue is 10 mins away - please wait by ur car and turn on hazard lights - Al Dabbab Street 01 4077000
Technical Support Server e12-44X is currently down - please allow 2 hours before using the system - E-Media support
Banking Your credit limit is nearly exhausted, please control or pay your pending amount due.
Company Announcements Annual party at the Holiday Inn, Olaya club on 23rd - dress to have fun - and bring a friend - check ur mail for more info
Sports Alerts Al Ahli 5 - Al Wahda 1 - see for more
Personal Hi Ehad.....miss u........if ur not busy l8r gimme a call - Saeed
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