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Connect Online Video Conferencing
Today, the On-Line Video Conferencing is breaking boundaries from the large enterprises to the small and medium size companies because of more reliability on Internet, IP technology, Audio Visual Equipment¸ Across the word broadband coverage, higher availability f bandwidth and most importantly, the cost effectiveness of all of above. RASA Online Video Conferencing Solutions bring people together through internet in an interactive live audio-video environment coupled with enhanced features and technology of the era. Now, it is very much possible, when you need to see the people you're meeting with, but don't necessarily need to be physically present in the same room with them, you're looking for video conferencing services - a set of technologies that work together so that you and another person, or even many other people, can see and talk simultaneously.
Key Features:
  • Video Conferencing with True VOIP Audio & Text Chat and secured.
  • Unlimited Video Conferencing Worldwide with 100% Browser Based Technology.
  • Platform independent and works on PCs/MACs/Laptops and LINUX Machines.
  • No Software required to download/Install/Configure.
  • Meetings allow email invitations and direct connect.
Key Benefits:
  • Saving precious time and resources that may be utilized elsewhere.
  • Offers additional administrative and analysis tools with History Logs.
  • Easy to install, manage and use.
  • Get into an online AV conference with your partners and branches.
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