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Connect Mobile Force Communications
Military & National Security agencies face the demanding task of acquiring, managing, and distributing multi-media information in a timely manner to make key decisions. These decisions, follow-up actions, intelligence and reconnaissance information have to move efficiently across the chain of command from central command to field offices and then to the field force bi-directionally. This makes the Communications an essential part of the operations.
The RASA partners provide a solution that enables these agencies to more seamlessly acquire, manage, and communicate over a variety of networks in variety of manners.
Key Features:
  • Portable easy to carry equipment.
  • Ergonomically designed head gear, Audio visual equipment with compression technology.
  • Mobile and control box display.
  • Ability to receive and distribute high-resolution video in a tactical environment.
  • Mass Notification System provides emergency messaging in critical situations.
  • Broadcasting services
Key Benefits:
  • The ability to remain in touch with the field force and operations 24x7.
  • Easy to use and rugged design to withstand extreme climatic conditions.
  • The field is not at loss of communication and instructions from the central command.
  • Advance warning, rugged train and night vision support.
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