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Connect Mission Critical Communications
Fortunately, our country has never had a national emergency. However, our citizens expect us to have the best response plans in place to deal with any sort of major incident, if it ever happens. RASA partners offer a diversity of solutions for Public Safety Communications. From the tremendous expertise of our team, to our responsive service network, we offer an ideal partnership for today's emerging safety communication requirements. The demand for flexibility is greater than ever. RASA Public Safety solutions provide agencies the ability to communicate more efficiently and securely. Whether it's integrating with legacy systems, or building a system for local, state or centralized entity, RASA has the products and services to achieve true interoperability.
Key Application Areas:
  • Police and Interior Ministry
  • Health Sector & Health Ministry
  • Social Security
  • Civil Defense
  • Fire and Safety Department
  • National Defense
Key Features:
  • True Interoperability enables instant communication amongst multiple organizations.
  • Critical Networks are created specifically among public safety organizations which provide secured information and reliability especially during crises.
  • Use of encryption to protect the security of voice or data messages throughout the critical network is vital to avoid compromising.
  • Mission Critical Data provides the response teams with the information energy that brings the system(s) alive.
  • The valuable combination of shared voice and data communications gives the power of pre-emptive intelligence.
Key Benefits:
  • Reduced risk to human life
  • A solution that reduces the impact of crises situations and increases effectiveness of response by the availability of secured information and coordination among different agencies is a frightening challenge against local/international criminal activities.
  • Ensure that key public utility services such as water, electricity, and telecommunication remains operational in case of acute emergencies.
  • Limit the damage to mission critical facilities, utilities and assets and restore normalization in lesser time.
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