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Control Intelligent Transport Systems
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is going through rapid urbanization with increasing inter-city and intra-city road infrastructure. Motor vehicle transport is the main mode of transport in the country for goods and human beings. Traffic congestions and road accident cause lot of social and economic losses.
The RASA with its partners offers an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), which builds the database and provides necessary information for critical decision making support in effort to manage the typically odd factors such as vehicles, their schedules, payloads, and routes to improve safety, security and reduce vehicle wear, transportation times, vehicular pollution and fuel consumption.

Key Features:
  • Arterial Traffic Management (ATMS):
    • A successful ATMS system provides controlled access, real-time correlated traffic information by integrating multiple ITS subsystems (CCTV, CMS, traffic controllers, and detectors).
    • An efficient system interfaces with surrounding jurisdictions and agencies.
    • The ability to integrate traveler web sites and provide video feeds to the media is also becoming an integral part of an ATMS
    • Video Convergence has a successful track record of deploying Arterial Traffic Management Systems.
    • System satisfying the world standards like ITS and NTCIP
  • Highway Traffic Management:
    • A highway traffic management system generally includes multiple ITS subsystems such as CCTV, CMS, video and wireless detector, weather monitoring, and highway advisory radio, poised on a linear network.
    • Video Convergence and IP networking allows to effectively integrate all these devices into a valued-based resilient networked system
    • Video Convergence minimizes deployment delays through careful planning and by validating all equipment before installation.
Key Benefits:
  • Multi-jurisdictional video systems.
  • Transitioning from analog to digital transportation and distribution.
  • Video transport over copper, GigE, SONET, Wireless, or ADSL.
  • CCTV surveillance system and video management software.
  • Video Detection Systems (VID).
  • RADAR Detection Systems
  • Changeable Message Signs (CMS).
  • Web-site integration.
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