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Connect Instant Voice Communication
The RASA Communication Solutions from its Partners enables instant wireless voice communication that users can control with naturally spoken commands. Mobile staff is immediately connected to the people and resources they need. The solution reduces phone tag, overhead paging and the need to physically search for a person—leaving more time for patients. The Solution enables instant, wireless voice communication that users control with naturally spoken commands. This easy-to-use system is ideal for hospitals, hotels, retail stores, malls, compounds and other in-building environments where mobile workers need to stay in contact to perform their jobs.
Key Features:
  • Save bandwidth and costs in converged network.
  • Upgradeable and scalable to fit the needs of various business processes.
  • Easy installation, management and control.
Key Benefits:
  • Provides instant, hands-free communication between healthcare professionals at the point-of-care, facilitating decision making.
  • Allows instant access to resources and people using simple voice commands.
  • Improves productivity and employee satisfaction by eliminating the need to memorize phone and extension numbers.
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