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  • Technology:
    IVVR (Interactive Voice & Video Response) is a mobile technology that enables client services based on a 3G (UMTS) video call. Because IVVR is based on video calls, it is a circuit switch based delivery with a dedicated bandwidth and therefore it doesn’t suffer from buffering and other problematic user experience symptoms of the IP-based solutions. IVVR combines audiovisual feedback and DTMF interaction (DTMF is the phone’s keystroke interaction while in a call). The IVVR technology can serve video in various format and the common engines have dedicated functionality to transform text, web, and images to video so they can be used as part of the content as well. RASA’s IVVR platform supports all latest functionality in IVVR and offers a variety of services that can be launched based on our system.

  • IVVR Services
    Services include mobile video portals that serve video content, Video-based games, Video based Voting / Polling (Voting applications), Enterprise applications, Infotainment, m-learning (Mobile Learning) and much more. Some of broader service categories are as under:

    • Mobile Video Portals (On Device Portals) usually starts with a graphical menu that directs to content items / categories. The videos can support regular "linear" video or complex interactive video that allows the viewer to interact with the video and choose the script of the video from a variety of available scenarios.

    • Games use the interactivity IVVR provides and creates an interactive gaming session that is best suited for applications such as “hot or not”, trivia games, and other games that do not require fast interactivity (just like internet based applications with no local software). The technology is best fit for casual gaming and per session games. Billing is intuitive and availability of the service on demand is in the essence of the technology with no need to install any software component on the device. Device porting is also redundant with IVVR based games so once a game is launched it fits all devices that support 3G video calls with no adjustments to the graphics or the hooks of the game (one game code fits all).

    • Voting provides the users voting from any number of options on videos, text, and graphic items. Our systems support real-time feedback showing distribution charts of the accumulated results or any feedback corresponding to the specific vote the user has casted.

    • Enterprise Applications are based on our dynamic systems with open API. Our experience in integrating with complex systems allows us to work with banks, security, and enterprise organizations. The Enterprise Applications can be built for internal use such as ERP and security applications to a direct-to-consumer channel such as mobile banking, customer care applications, and mobile technical support that can cast instructional videos and diagrams over the video channel directly to the mobile device.

    • User Generated Content is possible through the video back channel of the video call. From the moment that the call starts, we can capture, store, transmit and manipulate the video received from the caller. The IVVR UGC solution is best fit for video internet websites that want to provide mobility to their users, Citizen Journalism, field agents that need to report with video, direct to consumer services such as PVR and more. With no client installation, the video capable device becomes a mobile video camera that can transmit the video in real time to the web and to other mobile devices.

    IVVR streams all the content through the barrier of the call thus no packets or information is stored on the mobile device. IVVR is a secure form to deliver content for single views and the user needs to request the content every time to view the content. This method applies to video, audio, and graphic content delivered using the technology.

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