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Connect Group Messaging System
Grouping Messaging Solution (GMS) provides the facility to the service subscriber for creation of his/her Favorite Group(s), Invite his friends, relatives, or colleagues to their relevant groups and interact with them via cost effective, secured, and full of fun Group Messaging Service. The various interfaces of the service provide many features to the subscribers to control and manage his members and Groups. The subscribers and members can interact through via SMS or MMS transmission.

The following functions are available:
  • Registration and creation of new group
  • Invite and adding members to the group
  • Deleting member from the group
  • Deleting a group
  • Group SMS messaging.
  • Group MMS messaging.
  • Scheduling and sending of SMS and MMS (by the group's owner only).
  • General alerts to the owner/members
  • Group administration will do through WEB interface and SMS keywords.
  • View logs of sent messages
  • Receive delivery confirmations on sent messages
Major components of the solution:
  • Groups’ management component.
  • Sending components
  • Scheduling components
  • Members managing component
  • Logs and reporting components
  • Billing integration component
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