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Connect Enterprise-Wide Communications
The demand for videoconferencing solutions is spreading rapidly as companies increasingly realize the benefits they can bring to their business. At a time when employees are being asked to produce more with fewer resources, it has become vital to fully leverage the technology investments. The RASA videoconferencing solutions give a suite of interactive session management and measurement tools. By using these tools, organizations can maximize their investment in videoconferencing to its fullest potential.
Key Features:
  • Comprehensive video routing.
  • Automated alerts, notifications & Video.
  • Actions based on incoming alerts from other sensor systems.
  • Controlled Access, Remote management with shared supervision.
  • Integrated Network Video Recording (NVR).
  • Intelligent queries of stored digital images and videos.
  • Interactive (real-time) video analysis (IVA).
  • IP-based Rugged Encoders/Decoders/CODECs
    • MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, JPEG.
    • Low latency, highest video quality with D1 Resolution.
    • Bi-Directional Audio.
    • Encoders operate at Temperature Range of -40°C to +74°C without fan.
  • Control software with Desktop viewing and Optional Add-on Features.
  • Analog video matrix switches.
  • Allows presenter to gauge the message delivery levels.
  • Captures session data and tracking accountability results.
Key Benefits:
  • Enables sharing of information in an interactive & engaging environment.
  • Provides attendance and grading reports for certificate programs & compliance purposes.
  • Improves overall experience by eliminating disruptive video switching and confusions caused by random voice activation.
  • Massive Cost Saving over various administrative tasks and improves efficiency.
  • Get into a conference mode with your partners and branches.
  • Easy Installation, management, and storage of conference logs and events.
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