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Experience Customer Experience Management
Sales and marketing are considered to be the revenue centers of any business with any size. The increase in the market share defines the customer loyalty management and customer retention. The customer retention is gained by carefully analyzing the customer behavior under various physical, cultural and psychological variables drawn through experience with the customer interactions.

RASA with its Technology Partners offers Customer and Service Experience Management Solution that contains a high-performance data collection and analysis engine. The solution supports over 200 different experience collection points via most standard interface specifications. A collection point refers to either collecting data from a particular device such as CDRs (Call Data Record) from an MSC, or collecting data from other applications.
Key Analytical Methods & Features:
  • The RASA solution uses information theory techniques and adapts the methodologies to develop and determine relationships between the customer data, customer’s behavior, independent and dependent variables.
  • Variable with the most significant impact moves towards top of the tree which identifies the metrics having the most significant impact on customer behavior.
  • Furthermore, the solution determines the relationship between such variables and customer behavior, and enables the operator to establish meaningful benchmarks.
Key Benefits:
  • Increased customer retention
  • Improved operational efficiency and overhead cost reduction
  • Increased customer relationship and communication platform establishment
  • Growth in revenue stream
  • Increased customer understanding and need identification
  • Increased market certainty and more accuracy in business decision making process
  • Ability to introduce the new products and services
  • Easy market penetration with carried impact for new products
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