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In continuation to our efforts, the projects listed hereunder are in execution after their award.

  • By the start of year 2009, we secured a Managed Services (End-To-End) project for VIVA Messaging Platforms Management and Operations for next five years. An onsite operations and Management Team has been deployed and operations are being managed
  • IN the mid of year 2009, we secured a Managed Services (End-To-End) IT Services project from Jeddah Municipality with our Strategic Business Partners in the region. This project required the heavy manpower insertion for a period of 3-years from the date site acquisition. This project is at the transformation stage and the execution will begin soon.

In-addition, many projects are in the follow-up with our various existing clients and new clients. The new clients include King Saud University – KSA, Ministry of Defense – KSA, Zain Telecom – KSA, Mobily Telecom – KSA, Ameera Noora University – KSA, and the list goes on.

Further, to our usual plans and vision towards the corporate growth, we keep on increasing the assets and upgrade the existing Operations and Data center Facilities to enhace the public offering in terms of service hosting. IN this queue, we are in the process of setting-up a Call Center at our own facilities which will lead us to open a new channel to our corporate offerings. This call center will be completed soon and ready to move to the marketing for their further actions and addition of the corporate achievements.
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