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Connect Command & Control
Military bases worldwide are looking at ways to update their communications infrastructure with new technologies that will allow them to more efficiently operate. When the upgrade requirements include video, audio and data communications, RASA has the solution. Providing the most comprehensive multimedia platform available today, RASA turnkey solutions enables organizations to efficiently acquire, manage, and distribute audio/video information from a multitude of formats and networks for analysis, reporting and sharing purposes.
Key Organizations:
  • Government Agencies
  • Armed Forces
  • Ministries
  • Medium and Large Business Houses
  • Manufacturing Concerns
Key Features:
  • High-Resolution video with minimum bandwidth.
  • Support all compression technologies. • Closed circuit television for high security.
  • Ability to receive and distribute high-resolution video in a tactical environment.
  • Zoom-in on details in a video frame.
  • Mass Notification Systems for emergency messaging in critical situations.
  • Broadcasting services.
Key Benefits:
  • The ability to remain in touch with the field force and operations 24x7.
  • Gives full real time bi-directional audio and video access.
  • Not losing any visibility of the ground situation even in geographically inhospitable terrain and locations.
  • The central command with all its audio/video surveillance screens and tools keeps the top brass abreast with the field.
  • The field is not at loss of communication and instructions from the central command.
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