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Connect Bulk Messaging System
Bulk Messaging System (BMS) is a web based system developed by the RASA research and development team. This solution offers bulk transmission of Short Text Messages (SMS) and Multimedia Messages (MMS) to the target database of the MSISDN (Mobile Numbers) through the operator’s messaging network (SMSC). The subscriber, would log to the portal and upload a file containing the recipient’s mobile numbers, which will be used for sending bulk messages. The charging per bulk will be obviously lower than the normal price.

Service Target Market:
The service caters to Service Providers (SP)/Reseller and his clients. The SPs will have their own customers to re-sell the Bulk Messaging in Smaller Quantities from their allocated/purchased quota from Operator.
  • Service Providers (SPs):
    Services providers can be defined as such companies who may reserve/purchase the SMS/MMS quota in relatively larger quantities (e.g. 50,000, 100,000, etc.).
System Features:
Bulk SMS/MMS Application is a WEB based application and accessible upon accomplishment of defined registration process. The subscribers of this service will able to transmit the SMS/MMS in Bulk through the following process:
  • Dealer’s Contract Management
  • Online Registration of Dealers and their customers
  • Service Activation (New subscriber only)
  • Procurement of the SMS/MMS Quota (Manual Process) and Allocation of Quota to subscribers
  • Sender-ID Creation and Management for Dealers as well as for sub-accounts
  • Multi-Level Account Management
  • User ID & Password lost Management
  • Full Web Interface Solution
  • Spam Protection
  • Application Connectivity with Operator MMSC and SMSC
  • Full Administrative Control and Management
  • Multi Level Administration controlled by various levels of permissions
The Experience:
The said system has successfully been deployed with Kuwait Telecom Company (VIVA) and is successfully operative for more than year, successfully completing over 80 million transmission of messages by the end of September 2009. The system is successfully accommodating more than 20 Dealers/Re-sellers and over 125 customers approximately till the date.
The RnD of RASA is continuously in the process of product enhancement and has successfully released its latest version at VIVA platform development by the mid of September 2009.
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