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Control Automated Vehicle Location System
Automatic vehicle locating is a powerful concept for managing fleets of vehicles which may include; service vehicles, emergency vehicles, precious construction equipment, and public transport vehicles (buses and trains). It is also used to track mobile assets, such as non wheeled construction equipment, non motorized trailers, and mobile power generators. The RASA solution provides complete and precise vehicle location systems (AVL) with landmark identification, street name and/or exact GPS coordinates.

Purpose & Application of AVL:
The main purpose of using AVL is not only to locate the vehicles, but also to obtain information about engine data, fuel consumption, driver data and sensor data from i.e. doors, freezer room on trucks or air pressure. Such data can be obtained via the CAN-bus, via direct connections to AVL systems or via open bus systems such as UFDEX that both sends and receives data via SMS or GPRS in pure ASCII text format. Because most AVL consists of two parts, GPS, GSM and 3.5G modem with additional embedded AVL software contained in a microcontroller, most AVL systems are fixed for its purposes unless they connect to an open bus system for
Key Features:
  • Stolen vehicle recovery.
  • Fleet management.
  • Passenger Information.
  • Asset tracking.
  • Field worker management.
  • Covert surveillance.
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